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Welcome to ARGANS blog on Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. We aim to share news and updates from our current and future projects to the general public to encourage and promote Remote Sensing and Earth Observation world wide.

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ARGANS Summer Intern Project

This post follows the work completed by ARGANS summer intern, Francesca Willcocks, exploring the use of earth observation data for monitoring deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Known as the world's most bio-diverse ecosystem, the Amazon Rainforest comprises of approximately 60% of the world's rainforests and is home to around 30% of the world's species. Whilst it's importance for the Earth's climate is celebrated across the globe, the diversity of the rainforest makes it hugely susceptible to exploitation, specifically by deforestation. This post explores how ARGANS has used change detection on Sentinel 2 imagery to detect deforestation within the Brazilian Amazon alongside the Arrow Rainforest Foundation, as well as a comparison of results to current deforestation monitoring systems in Brazil; SAD and DETER. 

Coastal Erosion Virtual Workshop

This is to let you all know that we are currently planning four Virtual Workshops in November and December this year to brief on and engage stakeholders with the work we, the Coastal Change Consortium, have be conducting with our partners the British Geological Survey (BGS), the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), the Environmental Hydraulic Institute Cantabria (IH Cantabria) and Arctus working with the University of Quebec, Rimouski (UQAR).

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Using satellite data to map the seafloor

In recent years, the introduction of high-resolution satellite constellations, such as Sentinel-2, have facilitated the development of new methodologies for examining the marine and terrestrial environments through their high revisit times and freely available data. One such application is the evaluation of the depth of the ocean or bathymetry.

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Saltmarsh Restoration

Under the ESA LaunchPad Initiative, ARGANS has developed a methodology of identifying current and historic extents of UK saltmarsh ecosystems using Earth Observation data.

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