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Welcome to ARGANS blog on Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. We aim to share news and updates from our current and future projects to the general public to encourage and promote Remote Sensing and Earth Observation world wide.

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Saltmarsh Restoration

Under the ESA LaunchPad Initiative, ARGANS has developed a methodology of identifying current and historic extents of UK saltmarsh ecosystems using Earth Observation data.

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Synthetic Aperture Radar

This post will explore some of the uses of  Synthetic Aperture Radar within remote sensing.

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Coastal Erosion

So what is our job? We are under contract from ESA to research and demonstrate how the Sentinel satellites observing the earth can help monitor the changes along the coasts caused by erosion and accretion.

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World Oceans Day

On the 8th June 2020 the world celebrates World Oceans Day. This day is an opportunity to celebrate and honor the ocean. Here at ARGANS we have a very special connection with the oceans and marine life, a huge focus of our earth observation work.

This post will outline some of the current projects we are running that aim to aid the conservation, understanding and research in our vast oceans covering a wide range of topics - click the title to keep on reading.