Coastal Erosion Virtual Workshop

European Space Agency commissioned Coastal Erosion Project Stakeholder Engagement Virtual Workshops

This is to let you all know that we are currently planning four Virtual Workshops in November and December this year to brief on and engage stakeholders with the work we, the Coastal Change Consortium, have be conducting with our partners the British Geological Survey (BGS), the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), the Environmental Hydraulic Institute Cantabria (IH Cantabria) and Arctus working with the University of Quebec, Rimouski (UQAR).

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Climate Change including sea level rise and storm surges is accelerating the frequency and impact of events that change the coastline due to erosion or accretion.  Our contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) is to develop automated ways to support coastal erosion and accretion management by exploiting remotely sensed Earth Observations, however this project isn’t just an intellectual exercise but it is an opportunity to really inform the research, analysis and management of what occurs along our coasts. This is important for a range of reasons, and not just to mitigate risk of damage to vital infrastructure within reach of potential coastal erosion, it is also equally important for those whose livelihoods are based on sand filled beaches or those who are planning and building sea defences to name a few.

In order to help get the message to those that need it, ESA have asked the Coastal Change Consortium, to hold virtual workshops for anyone who has a responsibility or an interest in coastal management. That could include those of you within the academic/research community, or field surveyors or those with responsibility in national/local government Coastal Management or from a state institution that supports planning and coastal management.

Very shortly all four partners will be posting flyers on various social media sites and websites promoting the four (Ireland, Spain, Quebec and UK) workshops and inviting those of you with an interest to register using the Eventbrite links that will be attached. We will post much more information and the Zoom links separately to those who register so do please keep an eye open on our Linked-In, Twitter, website and those of our partners identified above.

You really don’t need to know much about remotely sensed Earth Observation to attend as we will explain how Earth Observation works, we will also present the products we have made via panel discussion, whilst identifying their strengths and weaknesses, but most critically our partners from the institutions mentioned above will be briefing you on how they analyse and exploit the EO products to determine what exactly is occurring along the coasts.

The dates we propose for each virtual workshop will be promulgated shortly with the registration links, however the proposed format will be an all-day virtual event with presentations, panel debates, breakout sessions with Q&A ….do please look out for the adverts coming soon.

In the meantime do visit our website and then click on the portfolio link to Coastal Erosion or go direct to